Saturday, July 9, 2016

Reflection and blogs 7/9/16

I would think that being a daily blog that I would do more than just walk one day, then complain for the rest.  I know that I can't out-exercise a bad diet, which I have.  The problem with me is that I have put way too much pressure on myself over the years.  I have "dieted" and exercised and I felt like a failure every time I messed up.  To me, messing up involves eating the wrong portions and skipping on exercise.  I know that I am just a beginner, but I realize I no longer have to stay that way over time.  That attitude has made me not only impatient, but also one who gives up easily.  I have ended up making too many excuses and has made me "lazy" and filled with doubt and insecurity.  Planning to exercise and "dieted" have not worked for me.  The truth be told, I am not sure what to do outside of eating a healthier and more moderate portions of foods and exercise for at least a certain amount of time.  That has been hard to do and even harder to change my mindset.  It is even harder to make changes period.  I feel so much better writing things out.  Also, it helps me to learn more and more about health, fitness, and most of all, myself.

Here is a sample plan that could be good for me.  I have noticed that I don't create exercise plans much, so I realize that maybe I need to do so for both blogs.  How do I create an exercise plan in each of my blogs?  There are questions that I need to ask myself.  Here are also three blogs that are and could offer great help for me.  I like the fact that they are so comprehensive:

Andie Mitchell- exercise history

Mile Posts