Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Being FAT, the war on obesity, and government interference

Truth be told, I have no real idea how to create a healthy recipe for those who wish to lose weight and be fit.  I have always believed that the war on obesity should be about getting fit and being fit.  I am saddened that the war is such a major issue that it has become a tool for government interference.  What is wrong with some people?  Even with government interference, it is still up to the person who is overweight or obese to lose weight and get fit.

 It is not to government interference or to anyone else.  Those who are overweight and obese have enough to worry about without the government interfering in our lives.  Most if not all of us have to deal with weighing too much and thus are at risk for health problems.  There is also enough prejudice and shaming that overweight and obese people have to deal with. 

We are fat.  We are not bad, lazy, or selfish people.  We are fat.  There are worse things than being a fat person.  Fat people who are not healthy and thin people who are underweight have to deal with the risks of obesity or being underweight.  However, it isn't about the increase of insurance rates, which only the overweight or underweight person themselves have to pay for.  It is up to us, overweight or underweight to get our own selves healthy, not the government, the media, or anyone else. 

Losing or gaining weight should never be about body shaming.  I believe that weighing too much or too little carries more risk as far as body frame and where fat is stored for instance.  The war on obesity should and really is about fitness, health, and overall well-being, not about looking like a fitness model, which is a goal that should not be criticized.  Nor should a person who wishes to gain weight is within thei own rights to do so.  It should be up to NO ONE else.