Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Exercise Bikes by Susan Gage

My Bike exercise Ride

I have a bike , that stand still 
No matter how much I peddle
But when Im riding this bike ,
I'm off in a dream a yonder 

Im off to all the places 
That I would love to go
I ride my bike to the sea
And all the way home

I go up in the mountains
And the cloud is down below
the sun shines all the time 
And there's snow all around

I love to ride my bike 
It takes me to my dreams 
I so enjoy my morning ride 
In among the trees

All the tracks around the wood 
And though the tall bracken
The birds sing amongst the trees 
And the woodpecker keeps knocking

And on a new dawn when I'm wide awake 
I can cycle  to the lakes 
There's  Rhododendrons  all in bloom 
A bright purple shower 

the water ripples in the breeze
And hovering just above 
Is the most beautiful dragon fly 
It's blue and green and silver 

And flying over the Lillie pads 
Are tiny knatts all hovering
And all the lilies are out in bloom
A wonderful pink splender 
I can go off into town 
In all the hustle and bustle 
And stop and talk to any one 
And talk about the weather 

The market stalls are so busy 
Selling  there fruit and veg
There's lots of bargains you can buy 
My dream just carries on 

And As I peddle off again , 
I'm think we're to go, 
I can go any where 
My dreams would like to go

And even though I'm standing still
You only have to close your eyes 
And dream of all the places 
Your exercise bike might ride

Susan Gage.