Friday, June 23, 2017

Under stress


I now wonder if I should exercise.  I keep reading that exercise is only 20% of the weight loss journey.  How is only 20% possible to lose weight?  That is like only 20% of the energy that I need to lose weight.  For me, that amount doesn't seem right.  I have procrastinated long enough and now my heart hasn't been in it to exercise.  I simply do not have any idea how to lose weight.  There have been times when I don't even want to lose weight despite the fact that I need it.  I am overweight, diabetic, I take medication, and I am under continual stress. Now, I have no idea despite all of that, if I should lose weight.  I could use Your help right about now.  I ask You, Lord, for wise counsel.  Your help will be appreciated, for I thank You in advance.

In Jesus' name,