Friday, June 26, 2015

Age and exercise

I am not only motivated to exercise, I have actually taken the time to get up and get moving.  In my mind, I am exercising more and more and more.  To tell you all the truth, I am an overweight woman who is approaching middle age.  There are times when I feel like my youth is gone.  But is it?  Sometimes I hate the term, "40 is the new 30".  It sounds good, but what is wrong with "40 is the new 40"?  I have begun to realize that age isn't just a number.  To many, that may be true, but what is wrong with aging gracefully? Why does it seem to me that the word old is a bad thing, even if a person is over 70 years old?  How come a person has to be old by 50? 60? 65?  How come being old is considered nothing more than a mere curse upon a person?  "How come someone has to look good for their age"?  I didn't know that a person my age or younger are the best looking.

I do tend to go off-topic.  That it is true.  This is about exercise.  I miss being here.  I did lack the confidence to actually go out there and just do it myself.  I am at an age where I should and do, know better.  I don't want to wait until my health worsens or when I gain 50 more pounds to start exercising.  I believe that exercise can benefit anyone, including one such as myself.  At 40 and in my condition, I would never be considered athletic, but I do have the heart of an athlete.  I think I can do that.  No wait, I know I can do it. Exercising my mind is just as important as exercising my body.

Hop to it.