Saturday, April 29, 2017

One of those days

Today was one of those days.  Though it is only past 7PM, I hope it is not too late to start walking.  I usually walk in the back yard.  It is a large enough space to walk plus walking is such a good workout.  I have already made plans to walk.  As of right now, I planned to walk 12 minutes today.  I also record my heart rates before and after I exercise.  I also and will continue to do so, often record the speed at which I walk.  My goal is to walk at least 2 miles/hour.  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I don't.  I also record the number of steps at which I walk.  I realize that 2000 isn't a whole lot of steps in the course of a day, but 2000 steps should be the average of a 12 minute workout.  I made these plans because I have not only made similar plans before, but I also realize that I have been too hard on myself.  This was based on having the all-or-nothing mindset that I had.  Losing weight is hard, but having PCOS and having such a mindset will prove an even bigger challenge.  It will be worth it overcoming these two very issues.