Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Changing everything including my goals

Today, I am at rest, but all things could change.  I realize that I do make too many excuses.  Life is too short to make excuses.  I have no clue where to begin, but for now, I am doing well.  I would like to know what my interests are.  I would like to lose 100+ pounds and it is not a time at all for me to make excuses.  I do like to use equipment or use some exercises.  Joining a gym membership would be a good thing for me. Walking would also be a good things since it is low impact.  Whatever I need to do, I realize that I have no excuses.

Today could also be a re-post of yesterday since things have not changed.  I so far have lost 10 pounds, but I have nearly 100 pounds to lose.  Maybe I should have a clear, set strategy.  I know that I had sample plans with which to follow, but I need a specific, realistic, concise plan that I could follow.  They should cater to my interests.  Weighing the pros and cons will also have to be a part of the plan.  I have to ask myself what is my goal and why do I wish to exercise and lose weight.  Also, I will also have to know how to just go out there and push myself.  I am finally motivated, but now I don't know where to begin.