Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reflections about an exercise regimen

The problems with my exercise regimen have been a showing of low self-esteem, excuses, procrastination, and often times, a lack of interest.  The true goal, well, my goal to lose weight is because I don't wish to weigh more than I am now.  I am 100+ pounds overweight and I felt like giving up at times.  I also tend to be a person who is quite a perfectionist.  I have an all or nothing mindset that I would like to change.  The truth is, I admit to rarely exercise.  I have truthfully no exercise that interests me.  I do the occasional walk, yard work, or helping out with the animals, but I feel like I want to do more.  I am clinically obese, and I am looking into not just walking but also using equipment because of strength training.  The only times I seem interested in exercise and exercise for periods of time is when I use gym equipment.  Sadly, I rather not exercise because of a fear of giving up.  Well, I have been living out that fear.  Now how to overcome that fear will not be easy.  However, it would be well worth it.  I am too concerned that most exercises will be too hard to follow, which stems from the root cause of the black and white thinking that I have.  It is time for me to deal with and overcome these issues.