Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Exercise reflections and the desire to change

Loving and respecting oneself is not just about looking pretty.  It even isn't about being pretty.  It is about working on the inner person as well as the outer person.  How does it relate to exercise? Well, I have a set goal in mind.  It has been that struggle reveals one's character.  I admit that I have not exercised in a while.  This blog it isn't about reflections of exercise, but I admit that I need to make this blog a more traditional one.  I need to change my title and my goals as well.  This isn't a traditional blog, I know.  I would like for it to contain more traditional content.  How does this relate to character?  Like this forum, there are changes that I need to make.  I need to be more honest about myself and also, how I view exercise in general.  Exercise in general, should be about fulfilling the inner person for exercise provides many benefits internally as well as externally.  Beauty does come from within.  I realize that it is difficult to apply to oneself, but it is true.  I have become self-conscious because of how I felt about myself on the outside and the inside.  With exercise, I feel more confident, more free, and more relaxed.  Physically, I become more fit, but as a person, I do become more fit.  Now having written all of that, I think it is time for me to put it in practice.