Monday, September 12, 2016

Reflecting on today's habits and what I can do to remedy that..

Today, I have learned that one cannot out-exercise a bad diet.  That is a lesson that is much needed. Though I have lost a pound since last week, I wonder if I have not binged yesterday would I have lost more.  That is okay.  I lost a pound and that is okay.  I feel better already and so far, that is also what counts.  I plan to continue to lift weights.  I might even add some more exercises to my routine.  I look forward to exercising more and lifting more weights.  My motivation to exercise is myself. My desire is to be healthy and not consider myself lazy.  For years, I feel like I am lazy and have been putting myself down for a long time now.  That is something that I wish to change.  Today was a day that I did not eat healthy or exercise.  While I could say that was a mistake, I could finally say that this is a lesson well-learned.