Saturday, July 4, 2015

Benefiting from exercise

I realize that I was and still am right.  Exercise does a body good.  I have been lazy and tired to do a blog entry yesterday.  I have been extremely tired last night.  Using a computer was the last thing on my mind. Tonight I plan to do P90X.  I know that it is not for beginners but it is well worth it.  I am not sure how much exercise I should do.  Should I exercise daily?  Should I exercise per week?  I am tired of being just a beginner.  Lately I have come to realize that exercise has been of great help for me.  I no longer see it as a chore.

Well, here is some good news.  The good news is, that I have exercised using P90X.  It is a fabulous fat burning workout.  I didn't realize how much easier it was than before.  I thought it would be more difficult. I don't have the entire workout but the infomercials and YouTube videos inspire me.  As a matter of fact, I exercised off of P90X for about 20 minutes and burned over 200 calories.  That is inspiring enough.  Unfortunately I did not get to exercise as much as I did for the past two days but I will not make any excuses.  I am inspired to continue to exercise and therefore, I will continue to see exercise as something I want to do daily.  I feel like exercise will become a habit physically as well as mentally.  So far I have already lost five pounds.  I also stretch and walk as well.  Having PCOS or any autoimmune condition can be hard to live with but with exercise, I have come to realize that despite having that condition, it doesn't have to be impossible and not just hard.  Exercise I admit has been good for me.